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Chartered (Professional)

Chartered (Professional):
A Chartered Professional is an individual who has obtained a certain degree of expertise over a period of time through practical experience. Such people shall be deemed to be called Chartered Professional.
Chartered Professional is a person who has gained a specific level of skill or competence in a particular field of work, which has been recognized by the award of a formal credential by a relevant professional organization
Evaluation Method:
A Panel of Eminent Professors/ Highly Qualified Professionals from respective field shall adjudge the individuals who would like to become a Chartered Professional in their field.
What purpose shall be served by the Certificate?
The Chartered Professional is an internationally valid certificate and it sets the global standard in the respective field. The Chartered Professional allows you to gain a professional qualification with specialized Designation
Difference between Chartered course and Distance course, Regular course:
Chartered Courses target people with Professional Expertise. Unlike regular education they need not appear for classes and unlike regular education they will not write exams in the standard pattern.
There will be a qualifying exam which will be sufficient enough to determine whether the individual is a professional or not.
International Admissions:
How will the students from other countries enroll in a Chartered Professional Course?
International Students will be enrolled in online mode.
The individuals will be certified based on Video Conferencing through which their skill will be evaluated.

List of Programmes:

Sl. No Name of the Course Duration (Regular / Lateral Entry) Subjects
01 Chartered Civil Engineer 4 Years / 3 Years Click Here
02 Chartered Electrical Engineer 4 Years / 3 Years Click Here
03 Chartered Mechanical Engineer 4 Years / 3 Years Click Here
04 Chartered Computer Science Engineer 4 Years / 3 Years Click Here

ELIGIBILITY: For Entry into First Year: A pass in 12th Standard (with PCM Group)   /   For Lateral Entry into II Year: A pass in Diploma Engineering (3 Years) in relevant Stream
COURSE FEES: Registration Fee:  INR 1,000 and  Course Fee: INR 9,000 per annum

List of Chartered (Professional) Courses:

  1. Chartered Appraiser
  2. Chartered Assessor
  3. Chartered Architect
  4. Chartered Architectural Technologist
  5. Chartered Asset Manager
  6. Chartered Business Professional
  7. Chartered Economist
  8. Chartered Educational Assessor
  9. Chartered Electrical Engineer
  10. Chartered Petroleum Engineer
  11. Chartered Environmentalist
  12. Chartered Finance Professional
  13. Chartered Health Care Consultant
  14. Chartered Horticulturist
  15. Chartered IT Professional
  16. Chartered Investment Management Professional
  17. Chartered Landscape Architect
  18. Chartered Management Accountant
  19. Chartered Management Professional
  20. Chartered Professional in Sports and Physical Activity
  21. Chartered Market Analyst
  22. Chartered Mathematics Teacher
  23. Chartered Mechanical Engineer
  24. Chartered Materials Manager Professional
  25. Chartered Occupational Hygienist
  26. Chartered Physiotherapist
  27. Chartered Production Planning Professional
  28. Chartered Professional Accountant
  29. Chartered Project Management Professional
  30. Chartered Project Professional
  31. Chartered Public Relations Practitioner
  32. Chartered Quality Professional
  33. Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner
  34. Chartered Security Manager
  35. Chartered Structural Engineer
  36. Chartered Supply Chain Management Professional
  37. Chartered Civil Engineering Surveyor
  38. Chartered Construction Surveyor
  39. Chartered Environmental Surveyor
  40. Chartered Land Surveyor
  41. Chartered Teacher of English
  42. Chartered Warehouse Management Professional
  43. Chartered Water and Environment Manager

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