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Certificate in Nanny Care


Nanny (Childcare Provider) is a professional who provides childcare services for children whose parents are not able to do so themselves due to work or other obligations. Nannies may work at a client’s home performing all their functions there, or take care of children in their own homes; they may also work in a child care facility. Nannies can take care of children as young as a few months to children who are school aged as they need care before and after school. A Nanny is responsible for overseeing a child’s health, routine, nutrition and safety. Nannies are also responsible for organizing and creating activities, whether leisure or educational. Educational activities will focus on curriculum geared to help a child develop in a healthy manner. For school aged children, nannies may provide tutoring services if it is needed. There are many things a Nanny has to keep in mind during the job. They also need special education specially for handling children of young age.

Nannies have good career prospects for children in private households and provide support and expertise to parents in satisfying children’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs. They have to do there such as meal planning and preparation, laundry and clothing care, organization of play activities and outings, discipline, intellectual stimulation, language activities and transportation. Nannies can also work in clinics, medical centres and research laboratories. They can enter into military service, railways and various other public sector medical departments

DURATION: Six Months

ELIGIBILITY: A Pass in 12th Standard in any recognized Board / Institution

COURSE FEES: Rs.3000/-

Sl. No Subject Code Course Description Max. Marks
01 CNC1 Nurturing Children 100
02 CNC2 Health, Safety and First Aid 100
03 CNC3 Work Environment 100


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