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Executive MBA

Executive MBA

                        Although Executive MBA (E-MBA) programs can vary from school to school, there are some things that remain the same. To start with, executive MBA programs are typically designed for working professionals, so they tend to be flexible and allow students to practice at their own convenient time. In terms of structure, EMBA programmes simultaneously resemble part-time and modular programmes. Team learning is an integral part of EMBA programmes. Students might work in teams so that a strong sense of camaraderie is established. EMBA programmes generally have a strong focus on team-based learning and participants learning from each other. Case studies are employed in such a way that they become a platform for discussion. Much care is taken when EMBA teams are put together. The aim is to create as diverse a culture and work experience as possible.

Career Prospects:
                        Executive MBA (E-MBA) is designed to unlock the sphere of high paying career opportunities not only in India but around the world. Now-a-days it is difficult for the working professionals to hold a strong position in the organization with simply taking a bachelor degree. When working in an organization you will come across situations where you will have to work as a team wherein your collective effort will determine your goals. In the midst of your career, you might feel the need of doing an MBA to face challenges in leadership and various others stratum’s of your organization. If you’re looking to start a business of your own, an E-MBA can present a unique opportunity. Another major way an Executive MBA can impact your career is through the leadership skills it builds. Managers are leaders, but executives are responsible for leading much larger teams, and the differences between the two are pronounced. Clearly, the degree paves the way for a huge shift in role in the corporate world.

DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee any Government job or further admission to any College. We provide this course, only for the purpose of gaining knowledge and for the purpose of promotion in the current job. If anybody gives false promises, you are requested not to believe those words and are requested to call us and ascertain about the original motive of promoting Executive-MBA. In case of disputes arising out of eligibility and approvals criteria, all disputes will be settled under Chennai Jurisdiction only.

ELIGIBILITY:  A Pass in any UG Degree  (or) A Pass in any ITI Diploma Course with 3 Years’ Experience.
FEE: Registration Fee: INR 1,000 and Course Fee: INR 6,500 per annum

Sl. No Subject Code Course Description
01 EMBA 1 Management Process & Organisational Behaviour
02 EMBA 2 Accounting and Finance
03 EMBA 3 Quantitative Methods and Research Methodology
04 EMBA 4 Legal Environment of Business
05 EMBA 5 Economics for Managers
06 EMBA 6 Human Resource Management
07 EMBA 7 Strategic Management
08 EMBA8 Elective Subject – 1
09 EMBA9 Elective Subject – 2
10 EMBA10 Elective Subject – 3
11 EMBA11 Project Work

Elective Subjects:

Sl.No Specialization Sl.No Specialization
1 Human Resources Management (HRM) 18 Hospital & Health Care Management
2 International Finance And Banking 19 Entrepreneurship Management
3 Insurance And Micro Finance And Management 20 Digital Marketing
4 Power Distribution Energy Management 21 Graphical Design & Animation
5 Construction And Infrastructure Management 22 BPO Management
6 Fashion Designing 23 Brand Management
7 International Business & International Marketing Management 24 Customer Relationship Management
8 Telecommunication And Networking Management 25 Disaster Management
9 Technology Management 26 Environmental Management
10 Production And Materials Management 27 Export and Import Management
11 Project And Operations Management 28 Information Technology Management
12 Management Information System (MIS) 29 Journalism Management
13 Logistics And Supply Chain Management 30 Port and Shipping Management
14 International Hotel & Hospitality Management 31 Public Relations Management
15 Hotel Management & Tourism, Catering Technology 32 Retail Management
16 Airline & Airport management 33 Total Quality Management
17 Education Management


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