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Virtual Education

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|| Admission date extended for Distance Education Courses (Internationally Approved). Last Date: 30-08-23.   || Exam Starts on 20-11-23 for Calendar-2023 session. Click here to download.

Virtual Education:

Virtual Education is a specialized wing of Tamilnadu Council for Open and distance Learning conducting Online Education and Examination, which will in turn lead to certification of the students. The world is rapidly evolving towards a new phase. The success and well-being of our students depend on our ability to adapt to this rapidly changing environment and use the best tools available to facilitate learning. Rooted in research and student outcomes, Tamilnadu Virtual Education’s comprehensive, wholesome programs empower one to do meaningful innovation to best serve students and community

Virtual Education is a system of education for delivering learning materials to students via the web. These systems include assessment, student tracking, collaboration and communication tools. They present resources, activities and interactions within a course structure and provide a platform for the different stages of assessment.

1.Courses taught entirely online, where physical distance between teacher and student is immaterial.
2.Another name for E-learning, but referring more to electronically aided learning conducted without any face-to-face components.
3.Online-based education.
4.Education through ICT tools is also called Virtual Learning