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Why Virtual Education

Tamilnadu CouncilWhy Virtual Education
|| Admission date extended for Distance Education Courses (Internationally Approved). Last Date: 30-08-23.   || Exam Starts on 20-11-23 for Calendar-2023 session. Click here to download.

Why Virtual  Education?
As Technology is improving manifold day-by –day we are required to keep abreast with the latest in Information Technology and Education. Virtual Open Schooling will play a major part in development of education in this Century.

How does it work?
A student can register for any course at any time and work at their own pace. Each course contains instructional content that covers all the curriculum expectations and has been carefully designed by experienced educationists.

Virtual Education System
 A system of education where the students and teachers are connected online, and all the instructions and lessons are given online. The students and teachers interact through online methods. It takes care of everything including homework, lesson plans, and even assessments. Virtual education, a form of modern distance learning, has expanded greatly in recent years due to advancing technologies and the prominence of the Internet. Online education involves taking courses presented over the Internet, which can be taken synchronously (in real-time) through webcams and chat rooms or asynchronously through e-mail and discussion boards. Many high schools, colleges and universities offer virtual online courses and degree programs to students and working professionals.