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Associate MBA

Associate MBA


                        TCODL’s A-MBA is a two years programme designed to meet the needs of high-achieving professionals who wish to enhance their education without interrupting their careers. With three progressive specialisations and quality internship training, the programme elevates the business acumen of the students, thereby giving them an edge in their career paths. It helps them contribute significantly at work and perform in a way that brings out credible results.


The advantage of A-MBA is that the students are surrounded by students who have done well for themselves in the business world before coming back to the class. That ensures that the learning is rich and diverse. The students will be in a better position to appreciate the theoretical concepts that are covered in class. After earning an Associate MBA, the students could still continue to work in their current position. They may be able to accept more responsibilities or pursue promotion opportunities. They could also explore new and more advanced career options in their industry and within organizations that are looking for executives with an A-MBA education.

DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee any Government job or further admission to any College. We provide this course, only for the purpose of gaining knowledge and for the purpose of promotion in the current job. If anybody gives false promises, you are requested not to believe those words and are requested to call us and ascertain about the original motive of promoting ASSOCIATE-MBA. In case of disputes arising out of eligibility and approvals criteria, all disputes will be settled under Chennai Jurisdiction only.

DURATION:  2 Years
FEE: Registration Fee: INR 1,000 and Course Fee: INR 6,500 per annum

Specialization of Subjects:
1) Human Resource Management
2) Finance Management
3) Marketing Management
4) Hospital Management
5) Project & Operations Management
6) Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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