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B.Ed (Special Education)

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B.Ed (Special Education)

Baccalaureate of Education (B.Ed)
                        B.Ed. Special Education is a teacher training programme. B.Ed. Special Education course has been crafted to develop a skilled workforce of special education teachers in India. A special education teacher deals with children with disabilities. He/she teaches trains and instructs children with different types of disabilities. Children with disabilities need special care, training, education and assistance. Disabilities stop them from enjoying a normal and productive life. With the right set of skills, assistive devices and education, they can lead a normal and fulfilling life.
Career Prospects:
                        After completing this course, the teachers will be able to find work at special schools, home-based learning centres, NGOs and even could be placed in foreign countries to assist and teach disabled people.

Eligibility:  10+2+3 / 10+2+4 pattern with minimum two years’ experience in teaching Special Education.

Course Fee: Rs.17,000/- 

Duration: 1 Year

Sl. No Subject Code Subject Name
01 BEDS01 Human Growth and Development
02 BEDS02 Contemporary India and Education
03 BEDS03 Introduction to Sensory Disabilities
04 BEDS04 Introduction to Neuro Developmental Disabilities
05 BEDS05 Introduction to Locomotor and Multiple Disabilities
06 BEDS06 Learning, Teaching and Assessment
07 BEDS07 General Assessment and Identification of Needs
08 BEDS08 Management of Learning Disabilities
09 BEDS09 Technology and Education of the Hearing Impaired
10 BEDS10 Technology and Education of the Visually Impaired
11 BEDS11 Elective Subject: Assessment & Identification of Needs / Curriculum Designing, Adaptation & Evaluation / Technology & Disability / Psycho-social & Family issues.
12 BEDS12 Micro Teaching
13 BEDS13 Work Experience (from Special Education Institution)

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