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Advanced Montessori & Primary Education

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Advanced Montessori & Primary Education

Advanced Diploma in Montessori & Primary Education

The Advanced Diploma in Montessori and Primary Education is an internationally recognized course which provides professional development and education. This Advanced Diploma courses provide prospective Montessori teachers with the vital skills and Montessori methods which assist, guide and correct the young learners. This course offers lot of creative well organised sessions to make the teachers ready to train the young children.

The students who have completed Advance Diploma in Montessori have a wide range of job prospects which include

  • Child Development research
  • Special needs support
  • Psychology and counselling
  • Sports education and coaching
  • Humanitarian education initiatives
  • Montessori Teacher Training

ELIGIBILITY:  A pass in 10+2
Course Fee:  Rs.5500/- 


Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 ADMP1 Philosophy and Culture of Montessori 100
02 ADMP2 Introduction to Montessori Methods 100
03 ADMP3 Sensorial Education in Montessori 100
04 ADMP4 Educational Psychology 100
05 ADMP5 School Administration 100
06 ADMP6 Project Work 100


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