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  Education of Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes

Reservation of seats in favour of children belonging to SC’s and ST’s is provided in proportion to their population in the concerned district provided that no such reservation will be less than the national average of 22.5 per cent (15 per cent for SCs and 7.50 per cent for STs) and a maximum of 50 per cent for both the categories (SCs & STs) taken together. These reservations are interchangeable and over and above the students selected under open merit.

  Concession in fee to SC / ST / Physically Handicapped Candidates

The SC/ST students are given concession in admission fees to the extent of 50% of course fees for Secondary and Higher Secondary Courses.

Tamilnadu Council for Open and Distance Learning focuses on the development of textbooks, teacher guides, supplementary reading materials, evaluation of textbooks, vocational education, educational technology, examination reforms,education of educationally disadvantaged groups.

Educational development of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is an area of major concern of Tamilnadu Council. It carries out a number of studies relating to educational programmes and schemes for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. It has also been generating material relating to educational institutions and development of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students.

  Reservation Policy of UGC

As per the reservation policy, UGC has earmarked 15 per cent and 7.50 per cent reservation for SCs and STs respectively in appointments, both in teaching and non-teaching posts, admissions, hostel accommodation, etc., in universities/ colleges, professional and technical educational institutions administered by the Central Government. State universities follow reservation policy as prescribed by respective state governments. The commission has been issuing guidelines/directives/instructions from time to time for implementing reservation policy of the Government of India. Apart from reservation, there is also relaxation in the minimum qualifying marks for admission for SC/ST candidates UGC has been implementing the programme of Career Orientation to education (vocationalisation of education) to ensure that the graduates have knowledge, skills and attitudes for gainful employment in the wage sector in general, and self-employment in particular for all including SCs/STs. It also provides financial assistance for Remedial Coaching to SC/ST students. It provides financial assistance to the existing coaching centres to prepare SC/ST candidates for the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by UGC/CSIR. The Commission provides financial assistance for extension activities. Under the scheme, all groups of the society are covered including SCs/STs.

In order to contribute towards social equity and socioeconomic mobility of the under privileged sections of the society, UGC has introduced remedial coaching scheme at UG/PG level. The main objectives of the scheme are:

i.  To improve the academic skills and linguistic proficiency of the students in various subjects.

ii. To raise the level of comprehension of basic subjects so as to provide a strong foundation for further academic work.

iii.To strengthen their knowledge, skills and attitudes in the subjects where quantitative and qualitative techniques and laboratory work are involved

iv. To improve the overall performance of these students in the examination.

Tamilnadu Council for Open and Distance Learning follows the rules and regulations laid down by UGC regarding education and reservation for SC/ST Candidates.