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Vocational Rehabilitation


This course will cover the very basic policies relating to work and will also address assessments and intervention techniques used for return to work and job retention. This course is relevant to those both with experience in vocational rehabilitation but wishing to enhance and evidence base their practice, and for those who have never worked in vocational rehabilitation but who are wishing to develop that as an area of expertise. The course focuses on health and work in a variety of settings with a range of groups and individuals. The student will explore the social and political context of work and will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of assessments used with people who have physical, psychological and cognitive difficulties and analyse job roles and plan interventions relating to both job retention and return to work


This course offers jobs in the fields of teaching, education, rehabilitation, vocational training, supervision and administration.

DURATION: 1 Year      FEE: Rs.5000/Year      ELIGIBILITY: A Pass in XII Standard or Equivalent


Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 DVR-1 Human Anatomy 100
02 DVR-2 Human Development 100
03 DVR-3 Psychology, Sociology & Counselling 100
04 DVR-4 Speech & Hearing Disability Rehabilitation 100
05 DVR-5 Visual Impairments & Rehabilitation 100
06 DVR-6 Mental Retardation , Learning Disability & Rehabilitation 100


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