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MA (English)



MA English or Magister of Arts in English is a post-graduate course in English & literature studies. It is considered as one of the most demanded courses in terms of career and personal growth. It covers subjects such as English literary studies, criticism, pedagogy, theories, etc, along with the Prose, Poetry, and Drama.

With a valid qualification, the M.A. can fetch a decent job in various fields. Some of the jobs are mentioned below.,
There are many fields and areas where M.A. English is most sought out. The jobs include 

  • Teaching
  • Content Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Freelance Writing
  • Civil Service Officers
  • Media Researchers
  • Public Relation Officers
  • Novelist
  • Editorial Assistants
  • Social Media Management
  • Reporting
  • Web Content Writers
  • Advertising
  • Tourist Guides
  • Journalism
  • Business Communicators
  • Translators
  • Linguists

         DURATION: 2 Years      FEE: Rs.5000/Year      ELIGIBILITY:  A Pass in B.A. English

First Year Subjects:

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 MAE101 History of English Literature and Literary and Critical Terms/Movements 100
02 MAE102 Short Fiction 100
03 MAE103 Study of Language 100
04 MAE104 Twentieth Century Prose 100
05 MAE105 Poetry 100
06 MAE106 Drama 100
07 MAE107 Literature and Mythology 100

Second Year Subjects:

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 MAE201 Novel 100
02 MAE202 American Literature 100
03 MAE203 New Literatures in English 100
04 MAE204 Indian Literature 100
05 MAE205 Canadian Literature 100
06 MAE206 Literature, Gender and Ethnicity 100
07 MAE207 Criticism and Literary Theory  100 


We do not guarantee any Government job or further admission to any Regular or Distance Education University / College. We provide this course, only for the purpose of gaining knowledge only. We thought that people who are already major and who have completed 31 years should be able to know about the various specialised subjects and the contents of it which will be useful for their general livelihood. If anybody gives false promises, you are requested not to believe those words and are requested to call us and ascertain about the original motive of promoting Post Graduate Degree Course. In case of disputes arising out of eligibility and approvals criteria, all disputes will be settled under Chennai Jurisdiction only.

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