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Chartered Mechanical Engg

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Chartered Mechanical Engg



Chartered Engineers develop solutions to Mechanical Engineering problems using new or existing technologies in creative and innovative ways. The student might be developing these technologies, promoting advanced designs and methods, introducing more efficient production techniques or pioneering engineering services.Chartered Mechanical Engineering involves the design, analysis, and manufacture of a wide variety of mechanical components and systems. While there are a number of disciplines within mechanical engineering, some of the major areas are energy conversion, materials engineering, design engineering, and manufacturing engineering.

Chartered Courses

A Chartered Course is a course which is offered for individuals who have gained a specific level of skill or competence in a particular field of work, which has been recognised for the award of a formal certificate by a relevant professional organization.

Evaluation System of Skill & Knowledge

The first and foremost aspect of this particular evaluation system is the experience gained in the relevant field. A minimum of 2 years of work experience is required. Examination will be conducted in a non-semester pattern and upon passing the Examination Mark Sheet / Certificate will be issued.  One of the core driving factors is evaluating competency level of students. A Panel of eminent professors evaluate the team of students who combine their knowledge and skills to produce the work required to achieve their assigned goals and targets. It is important to point out that competencies are distinct from goals. Deciding what competencies each individual possesses is checked and evaluated as part of the evaluation process


Individual Mechanical Engineers may be employed in a wide range of engineering endeavours from initial research and development of a product to manufacturing and marketing. Between these diverse activities, mechanical engineers integrate engineering sciences, conceptual product design, and manufacturing capabilities into a cost-effective, quality product.

DURATION: Three Years / Two Years

ELIGIBILITY: For Entry into First Year: A pass in 10th Standard   /   For Lateral Entry into II Year: A pass in 12th Standard with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or a pass in ITI in relevant Stream

COURSE FEES: Registration Fee:  INR 1,000 and  Course Fee: INR 6,000 per semester

First Year:

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name
1 CDME-101 English – I
2 CDME-102 Applied Mathematics-I
3 CDME-103 Applied Physics
4 CDME-104 Applied Chemistry
5 CDME-105 Applied Mechanics
6 CDME-106 Basics of Mechanical Engineering
7 CDME-107 Engineering Drawing
8 CDME-108 Concepts in Information Technology
9 CDME-109 Workshop Technology
10 CDME-110 Business Communication

Second Year: 

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name
1 CDME-201 English – II
2 CDME-202 Applied Mathematics-II
3 CDME-203 Applied Physics
4 CDME-204 Applied Chemistry
5 CDME-205 Applied Mechanics
6 CDME-206 Basics of Mechanical Engineering
7 CDME-207 Engineering Drawing
8 CDME-208 Concepts in Information Technology
9 CDME-209 Workshop Technology
10 CDME-210 Business Communication

Third Year:

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name
1 CDME-301 English – I
2 CDME-302 Applied Mathematics
3 CDME-303 Applied Physics
4 CDME-304 Applied Chemistry
5 CDME-305 Applied Mechanics
6 CDME-306 Basics of Mechanical Engineering
7 CDME-307 Engineering Drawing
8 CDME-308 Concepts in Information Technology
9 CDME-309 Workshop Technology
10 CDME-310 Business Communication


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