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IATE Approval


Indian Association of Teacher Educators (IATE) the oldest and leading professional body of teacher educators of India was established on 25th Nov, 1950 at MS University of Baroda due to initiatives of eminent educationists like late Prof. T. K. N. Menon, Late Prof. Hansa Ben Mehta and Late Prof. S.N. Mukerjee. It was registered under Societies Registration Act in 1966. IATE has been playing significant role in providing a platform to teacher educators of India and neighbouring countries for meaningful deliberations on various issues related to education system in general and teacher education in specific. It has made ventures in influencing policy decisions in shaping teacher education programme in the country. Organization of annual conferences, national and international seminars and workshops as well as publication of its journal are some of the regular features of IATE. Currently it has life membership of more than 2,000 covering different regions of the country.

Objectives of the Association are:

    1. To develop and promote teacher education
    2. To provide a forum for discussion and deliberations on issues and problems related to education in general and teacher education in particular
    3. To conduct workshops, seminars, conferences etc. on teacher education and related areas
    4. To publish journals, monographs and other literatures on teacher education
    5. To co-operate with organizations working in the area of teacher education

Tamilnadu Council Affiliation with Indian Association of Teachers Educators (IATE)

                        Tamilnadu Council for Open and Distance Learning, one of the leading Open and Distance Learning Councils in South India has tied-up with Indian Association of Teachers Educators (IATE). As Tamilnadu Council is also providing Teachers Education, it has become imperative to get a membership from a Professional Association. Since Indian Association of Teachers Educators is one of the oldest Associations, they can bring their rich experience and guide Tamilnadu Council for better Quality System and Professional Approach in Teachers Education. So this is the reason behind our association with IATE.

We have obtained Institutional Membership from Indian Association of Teachers Educators (IATE) and our Membership number is IM 29. The membership detail is given below.