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B.Com (General)

B.Com (General)


The Baccalaureate of Commerce (B.Com) degree is designed to provide a student with a wide range of managerial skills while at the same time builds competence in commerce. Therefore we have given in addition to the major, general business principles, finance, business management, human resources, statistics, marketing, economics etc have been covered. Charter  of Commerce is an undergraduate degree in the field of commerce and related subjects. It is a 3-year full time course.


There is good scope for aspirants who have completed their Baccalaureate of Commerce (B.Com), both in terms of higher education as well as for immediate jobs. Education in the Commerce field is an excellent base for a variety of careers. On successful completion of C Com, aspirants can apply for jobs relating business and finance.

DURATION: 3 Years      FEE: Rs.4500/Year      ELIGIBILITY: A Pass in XII Standard or Equivalent

First Year Subjects:

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 COM101 Accountancy-I 100
02 COM102 Basics of Information Technology 100
03 COM103 Business Environment 100
04 COM104 Business Organization 100
05 COM105 Management Theory 100

Second Year Subjects:

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 COM201 Accountancy-II 100
02 COM202 Company Law 100
03 COM203 Elements of Costing 100
04 COM204 Elements of Statistics 100
05 COM205 Mercantile Law 100

Third Year Subjects:

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 COM301 Business Statistics 100
02 COM302 Cost Accounting 100
03 COM303 Elements of Auditing 100
04 COM304 Modern Banking Theory and Law Practice 100
05 COM305 Money, Banking and Financial Institutions 100


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