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BCA (Computer Applications)

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BCA (Computer Applications)

Baccalaureate of Computer Applications:


TCODL’s BCA (Baccalaureate of Computer Applications) is a three year programme which is an Under Graduate Information Technology Course. The course is split across three years in non-semester mode. With very well chosen subjects according to the current IT Industry requirements and quality internship training, the programme elevates the programming acumen of the students, thereby giving them an edge in their career paths. It helps them contribute significantly in Programming Jobs and perform in a way that brings out best quality results.


Generally due to the rapid growth of IT industry in India, the demand for computer professionals is increasing day by day. This course provides a lot of opportunities to the students who are interested in computer field and those who want to work in the IT sector as software programmer & developer. Nowadays, corporate sector requires an employee who has a suitable and sufficient knowledge of technical and managerial field. For this, BCA is a right and perfect solution. In BCA you’ll not only learn about computers and IT stuff but also the management techniques and knowledge which help us to have an edge above all others


We do not guarantee any Government job or further admission to any College. We provide this course, only for the purpose of gaining knowledge and for the purpose of promotion in the current job. If anybody gives false promises, you are requested not to believe those words and are requested to call us and ascertain about the original motive of promoting BCA. In case of disputes arising out of eligibility and approvals criteria, all disputes will be settled under Chennai Jurisdiction only. 

DURATION: 3 Years      FEE: Rs.5000/Year      ELIGIBILITY: A Pass in XII Standard or Equivalent

First Year Subjects:

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 BCA101 Computer Fundamentals & Office Automation 100
02 BCA102 Programming Principles & Algorithm 100
03 BCA103 Digital Electronics & Computer Organization 100
04 BCA104 Computer Graphics & Multimedia Application 100
05 BCA105 Mathematics 100
06 BCA106 Computer Laboratory-I  100

Second Year Subjects:

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 BCA201 Object Oriented Programming Using C++ 100
02 BCA202 Data Structure Using C & C++ 100
03 BCA203 Computer Architecture & Assembly Language 100
04 BCA204 Operating System 100
05 BCA205 Software Engineering 100
06 BCA206 Computer Laboratory-II  100

Third Year Subjects:

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 BCA301 Introduction to DBMS 100
02 BCA302 Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design 100
03 BCA303 Computer Network 100
04 BCA304 Information System: Analysis Design & Implementation 100
05 BCA305 E-Commerce 100
06 BCA306 Computer Laboratory-III  100




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