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Co-Operative Management


This course teaches various principles of Co-operative Management.  A cooperative is an organization managed by some individuals for their mutual profits and this course is around the development of managerial skills for the management of a cooperative. Co-operative management is a sub-division of Management which covers various aspects in working of a co-operative. The course covers various specialized fields like consumers’ cooperative, workers cooperative, business cooperative etc.

Top recruiting Companies
Cooperative Banks, Consultancy Services, Research Organisations, Management training institutes, National Co-operative Development Corporation.

Top Recruiting Jobs
Accountant, Grant Manager, Trainee Manager, Consultant, Analysts, Auditor, Tax Practitioner

Duration: One Year
Eligibility: A Pass in any UG Degree
Course Fees: Rs.4000/-

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name
1 PGDCM 1 Environment for Cooperatives and Rural Development
2 PGDCM 2 Cooperative Law
3 PGDCM 3 Cooperative Management and Administration
4 PGDCM 4 Cooperative Credit and Banking
5 PGDCM 5 Non-Credit Cooperatives
6 PGDCM 6 Cooperative Accounts and Audit


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