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Virtual Learning Centre (VLC)

Tamilnadu CouncilVirtual Learning Centre (VLC)
|| Admission date extended for Distance Education Courses (Internationally Approved). Last Date: 30-08-23.   || Exam Starts on 20-11-23 for Calendar-2023 session. Click here to download.


Virtual Learning

Virtual learning is a learning method which is done through utilizing computers and the internet both outside and inside an educational institution. The teaching commonly takes place in an online environment. The teacher and the learners are physically separated during this learning method.

Virtual Learning Environment

A virtual learning environment is setup with computers and internet which is used for enhancing the learning process. The various applications available in the computer try to simulate the real environment of schools or colleges. The students are at ease and can learn in a free environment and the feeling of under shackle is eradicated in this online environment

Virtual Learning Centre

            A Virtual Learning Centre s uses the latest technology to teach the students in an online environment and trying to emulate the real environment available in classes. Virtual Learning Centre uses the features available in the various apps and give the best learning support to students

Virtual Education is one of the division of Tamilnadu Council for Open and Distance Learning. The aim of Virtual Education is to provide student education with the State of the Art Technology.

Virtual Learning Centres will be created throughout India which will provide support to the students for enrolling, training and completing the examination. The Admissions for Virtual Education will be done 24 x 7 from any part of India.

The students who are unable to make it to offline learning may contact the nearest Virtual Learning Centres  affiliated to Tamilnadu Council and they in turn will provide virtual training and assist to appear online examination and complete it