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Elementary Education (D.EL.Ed)

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Elementary Education (D.EL.Ed)


Elementary Education – Student teaching provides a teacher with an opportunity to understand all dimensions of teaching and to apply what they have learned through coursework and field experiences leading up to the student teaching experience. All participants in the student teaching program–teacher candidate, cooperating teacher, school administrator, and University supervisor–play important roles in establishing the environment in which the teacher candidate can demonstrate his or her ability to assume the responsibilities of a full-time Elementary Teacher.


A career as a teacher in the elementary education setting can lead to a wide spectrum of opportunities. A variety of careers open to teachers as they gain more experience and advanced credentials or degrees. In addition to classroom teaching, there are positions as teacher coaches, program coordinators, developers or providers of professional development for teachers, and curriculum development. In the corporate world, teachers are often engaged as developers of curriculum and materials for educational purposes and as designers or providers of educational professional development.


FEE: Registration Fee:  INR 1,000 and Course Fee: INR 6,500 per Annum

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are eligible for undergoing the Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) course under Tamilnadu Council?

  • All the in-service elementary teachers (Primary/ Upper Primary Teachers teaching classes I-V/ I-VIII)

2. What is the minimum educational qualification for undergoing the D.El.Ed.?

  • Pass in Class XII (10+2)

3. Is  it  mandatory  for  the  Upper  Primary  Teachers  to  undergo  D.El.Ed Course?

  • For Upper Primary Teachers, one should possess either Ed. or D.El.Ed. If none of the courses is passed, then he/ she should undergo D.El.Ed. course

4. I am a Hindi Primary Teacher and possess Visharad/ Ratna etc. degree. Am I eligible for D.El.Ed. course?

  • One should have passed in Class XII

5. How can an untrained elementary teacher of Schools enrol for the D.El.Ed. course under Tamilnadu Council?

  • Untrained in-service teachers may register themselves for D.EEd.

Programme on or before 30/09/2017 positively which is to be followed by payment of course fee and authentication  of  details  by  the  Principals/  Head  Masters/  Head Mistresses concerned.

  • The process of registration and the documents/ information required for the registration can be seen at tamilnaducouncil.ac.in

6. Is it necessary to undergo D.El.Ed. course under Tamilnadu Council even after I have completed B.Ed.?

  • Primary Teachers (teaching up to Class V) have to undergo compulsorily the D.El.Ed. course even though one has passed Ed.
  • Upper Primary Teachers who have undergone Ed. need not apply for the D.El.Ed. course.

7. What is the duration of this D.El.Ed. course under Tamilnadu Council?

  • 2 Years

8. What is the Mode of Learning under Tamilnadu Council?

  • Through Open & Distance Learning mode.

9. What will be the roll of Head Masters/ Principals of Schools in enrolling untrained elementary teachers to Tamilnadu Council for the D.El.Ed. course?

  • The Head Masters/ Principals of the Schools shall authenticate by the records of untrained elementary teachers by giving bonafide certificate at the time of registration by the teachers for the course.

10. What will be the course fee?

  • Rs.7500 / Year.

11. What   are   the   documents/  information  required   in  the   process   of registration for D.El.Ed. Programme?

  •    10th Mark Sheet
  •    12th Mark Sheet
  •    Transfer Certificate
  •    ID Proof (Aadhaar Copy)
  •    Address Proof (Aadhaar Copy)
  •    Work Experience / Bonafide Certificate issued by School
  •    Fees in the form of Demand Draft.

SUBJECTS OF D.EL.Ed (First Year & Second Year)

First Year Subjects:

Sl.No Subject Code Course Description
01 DEL 01 Childhood and the Development of Children
02 DEL 02 Contemporary Indian Society
03 DEL 03 Education, Society, Curriculum and Learners
04 DEL 04 Towards Understanding the self
05 DEL 05 Pedagogy across the Curriculum
06 DEL 06 Understanding Language and Early Literacy
07 DEL 07 Mathematics Education for the Primary School Child
08 DEL 08 Proficiency in English
09 DEL 09 Children’s Physical  and Emotional Health, School Health and Education
10 DEL 10 Creative Drama Fine Arts and Education

Second Year Subjects:

Sl.No Subject Code Course Description
01 DEL 11 Cognition, Learning and the Socio-Cultural Context
02 DEL 12 Teacher Identity and School Culture
03 DEL 13 School Culture, Leadership and Change
04 DEL 14 Pedagogy of Environmental Studies
05 DEL 15 Pedagogy of English Language
06 DEL 16

Optional Pedagogic Courses:

Social Science Education / Language Education /  Mathematics Education / Science Education

07 DEL 17 Diversity, Gender and Education
08  DEL 18 Children’s Physical and Emotional Health, School Health and Education-II
09 DEL 19 Creative Drama Fine Arts and Education
10 DEL 20 School Internship

Syllabus for D.EL.Ed Course:

For First Year Syllabus, Click here to Download

For Second Year Question papers, Click here to Download

Model Question Papers:

For First Year Question papers, Click here to Download

For Second Year Question papers, Click here to Download



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