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Rural Development



The Rural Development in India is one of the most important factors for the growth of the Indian economy. India is primarily an agriculture-based country. Agriculture contributes nearly one-fifth of the gross domestic product in India. To increase the growth of agriculture, the Government has planned several programs pertaining to Rural Development in India. Rural development course, in general, is used to denote the actions and initiatives taken to improve the standard of living in non-Urban neighbourhoods, countryside and remote villages. Agricultural activities may be prominent in this case whereas economic activities would relate to the primary sector – production of food-stuff and raw materials.


Most of the Rural Management students get appropriate job opportunities in government departments and ministries besides NGOs. One can find placements in various ministries such as tribal, labour, minorities, children, etc. The government also recruits candidates on a contractual basis for the implementation of the rural development schemes and programs. Opening are even there in the state-run rural development agencies


ELIGIBILITY: A Pass in 12th Standard in any recognized Board / Institution

COURSE FEES: Rs.4000/-

Sl.No Subject Code Subject Name Max. Marks
01 DRD1 Rural Society, Polity and Institutions 100
02 DRD2 Rural Resources, Production Systems and Livelihoods 100
03 DRD3 Approaches and Strategies of Rural Management 100
04 DRD4 Rural Development -Perspectives, Policies, Planning and Programmes 100
05 DRD5 Rural Marketing and Agri-Business Development 100


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